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Biokinetics is comprised of orthopaedic rehabilitation (strengthening of muscles to protect joints during both sport and activities of daily living), chronic disease management (prescription and monitoring of individualised cardiovascular exercise) and total wellness (lifestyle and stress management). Recognised by and registered with the HPCSA (Health Professions council of South Africa), Biokinetics is the field of specialised exercise therapy which functions in alliance to both the health and medical industries.

At Jean-Mari de Clercq Biokinetics I hold tremendous respect for the human body, and run a hands-on practice, tailored to the needs of our patients. I view bio kinetics as a scientific and holistic process merging the mind and body on the journey to wellness. I consider patient education a very important part of what we do. Exercise is a lifestyle, therefore we try and infuse that enthusiasm into our patients by keeping them focused on their goals.


I am a degree qualified healthcare professional practicing as a consultant dietitian. I am passionate about helping people successfully lose weight and change their lifestyle. I currently specialize in autoimmune diseases and how changing your eating habits and lifestyle can change how you feel!

I believe consulting with a dietitian provides benefits beyond nutrition education. I practice dietetics based on scientific principles and current information; and continually strive to increase and apply professional knowledge and skills in my practice. Continuing professional education help me stay up to date on the latest nutrition evidence. My aim is to locate, interpret and deliver scientifically-sound research to you in an understandable way. I provide accurate information about nutrients, calories, portion sizes, food groups, labels, marketing tactics, food ingredients, allergies, interactions and more. . . .

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